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Q: "I am curious as to what is your stance on Community Policing. I myself can find value in it within certain parameters however, although it’s a nice gesture, I don’t like the fact that my hard earned tax dollars are spent on patrol deputies in tax payer patrol cars entertaining people for their birthdays.

My wife & I are considered “essential employees” so this means that while we are at work there are no deputies patrolling my neighborhood because they’re assigned to special details, i.e. birthday party ambassadors. This allows “bad guys” the opportunity to burglarize my home and inhibit deputies response times.

What are your thoughts?"

Kris Hall's Response: "Vic, yes and no. I love community interaction and policing. During these unprecedented times little gestures that may not be the norm have great benefit in keeping that community integrity alive. The flip side to this is while at least 5 deputies/patrol cars are sitting here in this neighborhood who is covering the rest of the area. The Sheriff's office is already shorthanded and generally has around 5 UPD guys in the south at the busiest time of the day. Now if these were units other that patrol I think some variation is ok.

Its a double edged sword sometimes balancing between enforcement and community policing. In the end the safety of citizens, response times, and coverage should be guarded with some common sense."

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