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Q: "Kris Hall for Hall County SheriffI like the idea of an outsider, however at the same time, that outsider needs to be humble enough to listen to what may not have worked in the past in the area so that time is not wasted trying something "different" that may have been attempted and failed in the past. Are you prepared to take the position as a humble leader rather than with the perspective of "there's a new sheriff in town and it's my way or the highway"?"

A: "RW

, absolutely. I've said from the beginning that everyone has a voice and everyone should be heard. Too often leadership overlooks the greatest ideas that come from employees because they think they are better than everyone else and if it doesn't come from them it won't work.

Having leadership that listens to those doing the job is priceless. The good thing is I'm still doing the job and gearing up every day. I can still relate to everyone and haven't set myself up as an untouchable entity behind closed doors."

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