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Combating Crime

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Sufficient manpower, old school police work, and embracing new technology and resources is the answer to fighting crime and making criminals think twice before conducting business in Hall County. Currently, with the the lack of manpower and deputies being told to not be so proactive because it's election time, criminals have free reign. You might not feel directly affected, but that doesn't mean you couldn't be at some point. We've already seen the impact of not only our local thugs perpetrating crimes on our citizens, but those coming up out of Atlanta and surrounding areas coming here because they feel they have a less chance of being caught. As Hall County continues to grow, this issue will only become more problematic. Especially without enough personnel or a plan to handle the issues head on. Guess what? You have a candidate that has worked and lived through the issues discussed above. You have a candidate that worked diligently and proactively to head off and investigate crimes related to these issues. As a Patrol Deputy I worked high crime and potential target areas, making many arrests for crimes in progress like burglary and entering autos. As an Investigator, I solved crimes and made arrests that other agencies couldn't. Working day and night to bring closure to victims and getting thugs off the street. I know first hand what it takes and I'll take a personal approach to working with our communities and law enforcement to protect our citizens. My expertise, my training, and experience speaks for itself. Ask yourself, who do you want leading your Sheriff's Office. The guy on the street or the guy behind a desk?

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