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Our Senior Citizens

Senior Citizens.

A valuable resource in our community and a wealth of knowledge.

I've been talking about our senior citizens long before any other candidate. I've been working with programs involving our seniors for years before they were a part of anyone's campaign strategy.

With a growing population and an increase in senior/active adult communities here in Hall County, they need to be right up front when we talk about community involvement. A Law Enforcement and Senior Alliance. When elected I have a plan. A citizens patrol, consisting of active senior volunteers and paid positio

ns. The citizens patrol would give those looking for ways to stay active and give back to the community a place to do just that. They'd be responsible for vacation checks, business checks, neighborhood watch programs, and a variety of other assignments. This would free up patrol units to focus on faster response times and better coverage and to handle priority cases. We'd keep our seniors informed on current crime trends that specifically target and try to take advantage of them. I, as your sheriff, would be personally involved in community programs and always available to answer questions and concerns. Every plan I have has been designed to improve the quality of life for all of Hall county's citizens and visitors. Yes, they are plans, but with your help they can become actions. It's time to make a positive change and move the Hall County Sheriff's Office forward, prepared to take on the challenges of a growing community.

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