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Servant Leadership 

Updated: Apr 14

Everything begins when a leader has a desire to serve; - Servant leadership focuses on meeting the basic needs of those served to include appreciation, affirmation, and support; -A servant leader and the guiding principles serve the organization and the community; -Servant leaders are humble, seek out opinions, cultivate trust, and develop leaders; -Servant leaders establish a foundation of what it means to be a great leader; -To recognize that the organization and its people are the asset and by doing so things are accomplished through the people, willingly; -To be effective, you must listen to your people, engage them and challenge them. They must be encouraged, trusted, and allowed to thrive. By doing so the organization will flourish; and -Realize that people cannot be managed like things. They have to be lead. Servant leadership involves honesty, commitment, humility, and selflessness. This is an excerpt from a paper I wrote several years ago. I've always had these beliefs and feel passionate about the principles described. -Kris


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