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Where are you from and does it matter?

Does being raised here offer an advantage or disadvantage? Does it make a difference when you choose who to vote for? How about working here for the same agency your entire adult life?

The other candidates make a big deal about being from Hall County or working for Hall county a majority of their careers.

I see how being from here can be an advantage. You know everyone. However, having worked here your entire career or a majority of your career I see as a disadvantage.

You have one point of view, one perspective. Your ways of doing things are inherently engrained because you've only done them that way. This can hinder the creative out of the box thinking necessary to keep things moving forward. In order to grow, you have to accept change. If you change nothing, nothing will change. "The same way we've always done it" doesn't cut it anymore. Not having spent my career in Hall County means I won't be coming in and doing things the same way. I don't have the connections, I don't owe favors, I haven't made promises, and I am certainly not a puppet for the deep political pockets that throw money like it grows on trees. I've lived here for 2 decades. I watched my kids go from Lula elementary to high school. I've been to every football stadium and softball field in this county. I've always been a part of this community and will continue to be regardless of election results. While I wasn't born here or raised here, I call it home. Home is where the heart is and my heart pushed me to run for Sheriff of Hall county. My reasons aren't political. My reasons aren't financial. Simply put, my reasons are for you the citizens and to give the hardworking Hero's of the Hall County Sheriff's someone they can trust to do what is right for them. Unlike promises made in past elections that were never kept, you'll see a difference starting day one and continuing through my tenure as your Sheriff. Whether I have the honor of serving for one term or two, the differences will be night and day and will always be better than the day before. Thank you for your support as always.

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